Welcome to the new GatleyGallery

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If you were looking for the Art & Photography Virtual Gallery, do not despair, follow the " Old Gallery" link, left. However, changes are afoot and not all the original space is accessible. Apologies, now, for any navigation glitches.

You may remember the old Gatley Gallery that displayed (and occasionally sold) artworks. The name is almost the same (we can't think of a better one), but this site is evolving in a more personalised way.

There may be something to interest you, or maybe not, there are millions of other sites to try. The original intention was for it to remain first and foremost a visual, vaguely artistic, site (if a mere photographer might use such terms).

However, first ePhotozine intervened, then remote control (RC) helicopters. So for the moment, this page remains a hodge-podge of unrelated links! Click a link to enter the site (it'll also stop that butterfly flapping).

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